Malay Chinese Restaurant Review – Malaysian Restaurants Sydney CBD, Hunter Street

Malay Chinese Restaurant Review in Hunter Street, Sydney CBD


This was an awesome find in the city! Although I must admit I should have discovered this place earlier (having been working in Sydney CBD for a while) I am glad I discovered this jewel out of all the Malaysian restaurants Sydney. And man i DID not know it was that popular! I came with my colleagues yesterday around 12.30pm and it was PACKED! Hence today, I went at around 230pm and it was great no lines.

Firstly some background.  There’s a nice lady by the name of Wendy that works there. I had a quick chat with her and discovered that they used to have several outlets around the area but this is the last standing one. They have been open for more than 20 years in total.

Interestingly enough, I also found out that all of them were from Malaysia (not surprised) and several of them was Hainanese! I felt so at home to say the least :D.  It was quite a coincidence because one of the guys who work there said that their grandparents came from a part of Hainan Island (海南岛) called Wen Chang (文昌) and so we came to the conclusion that sometime in the past thousands of years we were probably related!

FYI: For those who have no idea where Hainan Island is, let me give you a geography lesson :D in the following image:

hainan island

Ok cools, enough of the background and chitchat, let’s dig into some more pictures. First up, decor pics.

The decor and overall look is quite simple, with red the primary colour. It has quite a large seating space; just as well, because it is so popular during the weekdays from all the corporate workers coming in to slurp laksas.







Judging by the colourful menu, it was quite obvious that their malaysian speciality is LAKSA! And I love laksa. Especially when it’s freezing. and You wanna warm up. coz Sydney weather really sucks now.


And so I ordered a bowl of King Prawn Laksa, $11.50, and out it came about 5-10 minutes later. Quite fast actually. and it looked sublime. All those oily juices floating on top of the soup. The big fat king prawns, fully shelled and deveined. yummy looking fried tofu that has been soaked to softness. Yummy bean sprouts that have been cooked (abit too soft in my opinion, I like raw bean sprouts) and a dash of fried shallots. AHH NICE!

They also provide condiments, so don’t forget to grab a small plate of chilli before you head to your seat. Coz you ain’t wanna get up again because the laksa is really nice. I was just lapping it up. It is comparable to the laksa in Hunter Connection, with the Thai restaurant. The better feature is that they use less coconut milk, as I really don’t like it taking over the whole laksa, but on the downside the portion is slightly smaller than the Thai food stall. The ingredients are really nice, and prawns are definitely juicy. I think that the presentation of the laksa looked slightly bland, with no real colour in the soup. A bit of green-ness with some finely chopped spring onion would be a nice addition.




Summary Malaysian Restaurant Review:

Overall, the laksa was really quite top notch. I would definitely recommend someone who works around the wynyard area to go there for a quick meal sometimes. Never mind if you have to go at it alone (I did today) because the trip will be still worth it! I can’t wait to try their other laksa and dishes when I get the chance. This place is definitely a thumbs up for me in terms of speed, authenticity and well-cooked ingredients.

Summary Ratings:

  • Decor/Atmostphere:  2.5 stars
  • Service: 4 stars
  • Food: 4.5 stars
  • Price: 3 stars

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Restaurant Details

Address: Shop 1, 50-58 Hunter St, Sydney NSW 2000
(Closest intersection Bligh St/ Castlereagh St.)

Phone Number: (02) 9231 6788
Fax: (02) 9231 6799


Opening Times:

Monday to Friday 11am-7.30pm
Saturday 11am-6pm
Sunday Closed

* Please note we do not take food orders or bookings by email.

Reviewed by Cheech!

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Dear Cheech,


The laksa here is pretty good but then again, Malaysians tend to hold on to the notion of "authenticity" which is highly subjective in itself. I think this should be a laksa review as opposed to a review of the restaurant since laksa was the only dish you ordered.


Hey Cheech spot on- this place is great, although I used to go to the underground one more back in the day before they closed it. As Simon says (!) the laska here is top notch and is also my favourite for Sydney at the moment - hope you have had time to go check it out!


I can't wait to try their assam laksa and har mee :P


definitely one of the best places for laksa in the city if not THE best. Assam Laksa and Har Mee are very good too. There char kway teow is pretty decent. The chicken rice could be better though compared to others I've had around the city like Sayong under Woolies and Singapore Shiok in Haymarket :-)


yeah it's your typical malaysian experience. crappy decor, average service (when busy), amazing food :)


wow ive been there many times. its very hawker style. the service is very rushed. wasn't that memorable the chicken rice but was pretty decent

cheechun moderator


Great point. My intention was to revisit this restaurant down the line and add other dishes to the post, but never got to it, and won't be able to get to it for a while now that I've relocated back to Perth ;).


And I agree also about the notion of subjective authenticity. Being such a point of passion for Malaysians we should both understand that although it will result in heated debates that might be so trivial but of the passion it also means we take pride in preparing delicious each and every time for our loved ones ;).  


Chee Chun Foo
Chee Chun Foo

Yeah I haven't tried out the one that Simon mentioned, but I will! Nice laksa blog btw, will keep it bookmarked for further reference.