Best Malaysian Restaurant Reviews Sydney: Lee’s Malaysian Restaurant

Best Malaysian Restaurant Reviews Sydney: Lee’s Malaysian Restaurant

Lees Malaysian Restaurant Review


This Lee’s Restaurant, which opened recently was actually located in a food court nearby. I came across this blog by Simon Food Favourites that has a few references to the other shops.

So tonight, I couldn’t resist the temptation of the big red sign of ‘Lee’s Malaysian’ to give this restaurant a go. I pass it every night when I walk back down George street. It was wet, it was cold and the little Malaysian inside of me was dying to see if it could be satisfied with Sydney Malaysian food. Let’s see how we went :P  . If you crave Chinese food, please also visit our Chinese Cuisine page for more reviews!


The first thing you see is a small flight of steps opening into the main counter and into the seating area. The decor was simple yet very warming to the eyes, using earthly colours that were quite smoothing. The restaurant was already filled with one table of guests. Definitely Singaporean from the ears of it. Reminds me of food courts back , oh loving the malaysian accent feels so nostalgic!

neon sign
lees malaysian restaurant

main entrance from the inside


The service was actually good. The waiter offered me a glass of water, when she thought I was waiting for a takeaway (I actually said I wanted to dine in to another waiter) but who’s so nice of you to offer water when you are waiitng for your takeaway these days?

The waiters were very gracious, and very well mannered, often using very good Asian etiquette by presenting to you our dish or water or glass with one hand and the other supporting it.

The major fault of the service was the fact that the waiter who took my order mentioned that my meal was to only take a few minutes, but in actual case I waited over 10 minutes.


After scanning the menu, which was quite varied but stuck true to Malaysian Cuisine, I finally decided to ask the waiter for a dish that actually wasn’t on the menu.  After a friendly banter in Mandarin with the waiter and the waiter shouting instructions in Cantonese (Love the multiple languages aspect) I ordered a dish called ‘Hor Fun’ or in English called Rice Noodles in Gravy.  Hor Fun is just the cantonese word for ‘Rice Noodles’

The reason why I chose Hor FUn was, because the fact that I love the dish, it is also a dish that is easy to be average at but hard to be good with. From the crunchiness of the Cai Xin to the texture of the fish cakes, to the tenderness of the prawn and most importantly. quality of the rice noodles and the perfect thickness of the gravy mixed with egg white is quite hard to master.

Nonetheless, to my pleasant surprise, the Hor Fun dish I ate that night was quite awesome! It was all that and besides the little bit of browning on the rice noodles, it couldn’t really be faulted for being an Authentic Hor Fun dish from Malaysia.


The prices for the restaurant  were start from $6.80 for a spring roll and a curry puff to $18.80 main dishes and  hotpots.  For my Hor Fun, I thought that for what I received, it was slightly pricey at $12.80. But then again, it wasn’t on the menu so I couldn’t fault them too much.

Summary Restaurant Review:

An excellent and authentic as you can get Malaysian restaurant, as far as their Hor Fun goes. Nice warm atmosphere. They could do with abit more decor and jazz it up a little bit more but it is not necessary, when the food tastes so good.  Will it be for a special occasion? Probably not. But will I bring friends here to try it out? For Sure! I actually can’t wait to try their other dishes and will update this post.

P.S. If you have eaten here and tried the Hor Fun or other dishes, I would love to hear your thoughts! :)

Summary Ratings:

  • Decor/Atmostphere:  3 stars
  • Service: 4 stars
  • Food: 4 stars
  • Price: 3 stars

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Restaurant Details

Address: 1a Hunter Street, Sydney

Phone Number: 02 9231 1662

Opening Times: Monday to Wednesday 5.30pm to 9.00pm, Thursday to Saturday 5.30pm to 10.00pm

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alright, that will be on my upcoming eating list, thanks! :D


yeap! let me know what you think and thanks for the tip about the sayong curry laksa. oh, yeah ipoh fried kuay teow you ate is similar to the Hor Fun I ate that night. In fact there is a dish unique to Ipoh called the 'Ipoh Hor Fun' that is cooked in a different manner. I"ll let you know when I come across it in Sydney, it's uses less gravy and chicken is the main meat. :)