Japanese RSL Nippon Club Restaurant Review in Sydney

Japanese RSL Nippon Club Restaurant Review in Sydney

Japanese RSL Nippon Club - Front Entrance
Let me just say. At this restaurant, I had the one of best sashimi in Sydney.

Located downstairs in a basement on Macquarie Street,  a black flag is the only object that gives away the entrance of this eatery.

As the below chopstick package says, it is probably one of Sydney’s best kept secret ;).

Japanese RSL Nippon Club Restaurant - Logo

I heard of this eatery from one of my managers and being a food lover, I decided to organise a company team lunch to the restaurant also take the chance to review the restaurant.

When we arrived, we were greeted by this well trimmed, well dressed gentleman that had impeccable manners. As I booked the place, he kept  welcoming me, saying “Is that Mr. Chee, hi Mr Chee, how are you!” and bowing slightly as they do. Somehow, I had a good vibe about this place.

There were two sections to the place. The front area was like a lounge, and the actual restaurant was located through an hallway and into the back.  The place, although not big at around 70-90 capacity, has quite a pleasant decor. One would say that it was rather minimalistic feel that caters to the corporate lunchers. Check out the area shots below (the last two are of my colleagues. Look at them all so joyful).

Japanese RSL Nippon Club Restaurant - Empty Room

Japanese RSL Nippon Club Restaurant - Entrance of Dining Area

Japanese RSL Nippon Club Restaurant - Full House

Japanese RSL Nippon Club Restaurant - Full House 2

Japanese RSL Nippon Club Restaurant - The team 2

Japanese RSL Nippon Club Restaurant - The Bruce Clay Team

In one corner you also have the chef preparing the fresh sashimi. The chef looking at this camera ain’t know how famous he’s gonna be because of cheechunfoo.com.

Japanese RSL Nippon Club Restaurant - The Chef

First up, drinks. The drinks fridge is stocked up with soft drinks, some red and white wine, and also Japanese beers such as Asahi, Kirin and Sapporos.

Japanese RSL Nippon Club Restaurant - Drinks Fridge

They do have a large selection of wine on their wine rack behind the counter, but for some reason the glare from the ceiling lights prevented my iPhone4 from doing it’s magic. Therefore, it will be up to your imagination until you reach there :).

The best part was the food. Since we had a large group of people, we were able to review quite a large variety of dishes.

One note, don’t expect to eat here for a bargain. The cheapest dishes start at around $15 ish bucks for a Tempura Lunch and goes up to $30 ish for a 3 set Special Combination Lunch. On the upside, I do believe that you do get what you pay for and that is great tasting food with good presentation.

I had the special combination lunch which comprises of 2 sets (sashimi and teriyaki beef) with miso soup for $25.50. It was delicious! Sashimi felt so fresh, very cool as if just came out of the freezer straight from the ocean and meat is so soft and slippery.  I of course had it with a big bowl of wasabi and soy sauce which was the best ever.
Japanese RSL Nippon Club - Special Combination Lunch

The beef was also very soft, quite well cooked asked for Medium rare)

Japanese RSL Nippon Club - Well Cooked Teriyaki Beef

Another colleague ordered the Sashimi Lunch, which is pretty much a nice platter of sashimi: Tuna, Kingfish and Salmon. Presentation is also the key here. They laid out the sashimi beautifully. It is then accompanied by vegetable garnishes such as flower-shaped carrots, lemon and cucumber. Just looking at this pictures makes me wanna go back for more.

Japanese RSL Nippon Club - Sashimi Lunch

Japanese RSL Nippon Club Restaurant - sashimi closeup

Others had the Teriyaki Chicken and also the Tempura Lunch. Both gave their dish a thumbs up! They did mention that the portion was quite small, so be prepared to go slightly hungry if you’re used to big meals.

Japanese RSL Nippon Club - Teriyaki LunchJapanese RSL Nippon Club - Tempura Lunch

And the final pic shows the Happy Hour, which is 530pm-630pm :)

Japanese RSL Nippon Club Restaurant - Happy Hour

Japanese RSL Nippon Club Restaurant Review in Sydney – Summary

Overall, the experience was very positive. Staff was polite, food came reasonably quick. As a large group we were offered to pre-order and was emailed the menu which was very convenient as well. I think this restaurant is great for both friends and couples as well as large groups such as company lunches.

Would I come back here? Hell yes. and that’s a hell yes for the sashimi. Thanks all!

Summary Ratings:

  • Decor/Atmosphere:  3.50 stars
  • Service: 4 stars
  • Food: 4.5 stars
  • Price: 4.0 stars

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Restaurant Details

Address: 229 Macquarie St, Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone Number: (02) 9232 2688

Opening Times:

Monday to Friday: 11.30am-10pm

Reviewed by Cheech!

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