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The Marumo Journey

This is called the Marumo Journey because it is indeed a very interesting restaurant in Perth that is deserving of the title. Many bloggers have conducted the stock standard review of the food dishes that has come out of the kitchen doors at Marumo. Therefore I’m going to instead take you on a small journey on Marumo came to be and who the talented staff are behind this great eatery.

I wouldn’t say Marumo is your ordinary restaurant. In fact I would go out on a limb to say that  it is a melting pot of contradictions. However, it all works out so well, which it why I am so pleasantly surprised!

The way I think about it is that when you eat out regularly, you notice that successful restaurants seem to follow a similar journey in their journey to gastronomic domination.

A typical restaurant journey would be that you would start small in a set cuisine with restaurateurs of a similar background e.g. Italians owning Italian restaurants etc. They will work to improve their offering and be fantastic at what they do.

Eventually for those who succeed they will get bigger, expand premises and then either go two ways: go top-end/premium or a less expensive menu but with a larger establishment.

It’s all by the book and very standard and it is perfectly fine because it works, don’t get me wrong. The exciting thing about Marumo, this odd  little creature, is that they didn’t have such a start. In fact their entire operation is very…different, but in a very good way that just works. I’ll explain.

Firstly as you may already know this may be a Japanese restaurant now, but it never was in the past. In fact it used to be a fish and chips takeaway shop. Moe, the chef and back of house (BOH), and Marie, the front of house (FOH) only started offering Japanese sit down Omakase since January 2012.

They have been operating since August 2011, so their Japanese operation was actually shorter than their restaurant lifespan! They experienced a surge in interest for their Omakase menus and decided to make the switch.

Secondly, Marumo has only four-five tables on its premises. Yes you heard me, just that many. You could count it on your fingers. It can barely fit 15 diners. Usually when you put the two thoughts together (A small restaurant and soaring popularity)  it can only mean one thing: exorbitant prices. Well let me let you in on a small secret, for 7 courses of hands down delicious Japanese food (mostly traditional and not too adventurous or creative with the flavours and ingredients) it only will set your wallets back $39 per head. That’s a fraction of what you would pay at some other establishments. I say that’s awesome, and I think I speak for everyone.

Thirdly, you would think that such a positively reviewed eatery would be located in a well known suburb either within or in proximity to the Perth CBD. Some suburbs that spring to mind include Subiaco, Mount Lawley or East Perth. Well sorry to burst your bubble of popular belief but Marumo is actually located in a suburb more than 10km south of Perth called Leeming.

Because of the location it has been said that Marumo is the definitive of a hidden gem. I tend to agree. Diners from all around Perth still flock to Marumo to be part of the experience, which by the way is usually booked out 3 months in advance (hint hint). The wait time is half way comparable to first class restaurants over east.

Now that we have established that Marumo is indeed one very intriguing restaurant, here a few more things that you might not know about Marumo.

  • The name Marumo is a portmanteau of the couple’s names Marie and Moe, with an additional “u” to represent the dining patrons.
  • Moe has been in the industry for more than 13 years and his formative training lies with Japanese cuisine.
  • Moe’s two signature dishes are the sushi and sashimi dishes. They both happen to also be Moe’s favourite. Although Marumo rotates their menu monthly he has stated that he is keen to keep the two signatures as a permanent fixture.

I hope by now you would’ve gotten the hint that Marumo is a restaurant that you SHOULD go and try out. Hope you enjoyed this article. Do give it a go and comment on this article and let me know what you think!

marumo review - chef moe

With Chef Moe Oo.

Contact Details

Address: 1 Dundee Street Leeming WA 6149 Australia

Phone: (08) 9310 8255



For all reservations, please email and check the Marumo Calendar page for date availability!


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