Best Hong Kong BBQ Chinese Restaurants Reviews Sydney: Emperor’s Garden BBQ & Noodles

Best  Hong Kong BBQ Chinese Restaurants Reviews Sydney: Emperor’s Garden BBQ & Noodles



A review on the Emperor’s Garden BBQ and Boodles Chinese Restaurant in the heart of Sydney’s Chinatown.


Thinking that this is the Best Hong Kong BBQ noodle shop out there? Don’t kid yourself. Although the meat was the highlight, but mix that in with soggy rice and average decor and it becomes something that’s not much to cheer hooray about.

Quick background on the restaurant. As many of you may have noticed, it is named similarly to the Emperor’s Garden Restaurant in nearby Dixon Street (where you do and eat Dim Sum). They are in fact sister restaurants and the Dixon Street property was first to open, more than 20 years ago, and this BBQ place was more recent, which was within the last 15 years. They are owned by a Hong Kong proprietor.

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As you walk in, there are waitresses standing by, waiting to sit you down and take your order. Typical to many Chinese eateries, the colour red is used throughout the restaurant. There isn’t much in the way of decor, as seats are ordinary, tiles grey and not much of an effort in interior design.



The service was well received. Attentive waiters were at hand when you walk into the door. Tea is offered the second you sit down and the teapot brought back promptly.  This should be put in light that at the time of my meal, there was barely anyone else bar a table of Australians in the cafe so it might be drastically different in peak periods.  When eating they walk around and stand alert, for the raise of any patron’s hand to serve.




Contrary to my expectations, this was very different and abit of a letdown really. I ordered the Double Mix Roast Pork and Roast Duck with rice. As with many such restaurants in Sydney they don’t offer a bowl of soup as a addition to your BBQ meal (compared to other regions like Malaysia and Singapore where a bowl of accompanying chicken soup is a standard).

When the plate arrived, the presentation of the meat was quite awful. A good plate of BBQ meat should have the meat nicely presented over the rice, with the skin of the meat lined up with the white meat.  Instead what I got was the roast pork looking tattered.  The choy sum I received was mostly stalks and not leaves. I like leaves actually :). The rice was overcooked and soggy, which was a no no

The taste and texture of the meat, however, was a standout highlight of the meal. Crispy roast pork fat, accompanied with glistening roast duck makes for a nice feast. Portion wise, it was quite worth it as well. They offer free chilli oil (ask the waiters) and it was nice. Note that chilli oil goes well with roast pork and sweet sauce with roast duck. The sweet sauce was only alright and lacked any real fresh sweet punch.




For what was served up, the price was way too expensive. For yum roast pork/duck rice dish, I paid $16.00. I was like ” What the!” in my head. I’ve been to other BBQ places and can get the same amount for $10-14. Barbecue Tim’s in Chatswood is an example.

Summary Restaurant Review:

Ordinary on decor, terrible on price, food was rather a roller coaster but the service was top notch. Come here if you are hungry for a feed and have no place else to go. Don’t come here f you are looking for a cheap eat with soggy rice. I do hope the restaurant owners do read this post and take my opinions on board and perhaps the next meal may not be too bad.

Summary Ratings:

  • Decor/Atmostphere:  3 stars
  • Service: 4 stars
  • Food: 3 stars
  • Price: 2 stars

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Restaurant Details

Address: 213-215 Thomas Street Haymarket, NSW

Phone Number: (02) 9281 9899

Opening Times:

Daily 9.30am-11pm

Reviewed by Cheech!

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