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Victoria Noodle Restaurant Review in Chatswood, Sydney


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And so after a good session at the gym, some of my Chatswood peeps and I decided to head to the Victoria Noodle Restaurant to have a nice hearty meal. The local name for the place is actually

Hong Kong Tea Cafe, or 香港茶餐厅. This name stems from the popular Hong Kong cafe culture where the locals would head over to the closest tea cafe, and spend the day sipping Hong Kong milk tea, eating breakfast/lunch/dinner/<any type of meal at any time> and just relax. Victoria Noodle Restaurant has been here for more than 20 years. One of my friends mentioned that when he grew up, this was a place that he would frequently eat at. He’s from Hong Kong as well!

We’ve actually had eaten at this establishment many times but this time it was a large group and we tried many different dishes, and so this review will be quite comprehensive. I hope this Sydney Chinese restaurant review will entice you to make the trip to Chatswood and try out some authentic Hong Kong food. (You can already tell I liked this place :D). This restaurant is close to the Congee and Noodle Restaurant, which has nice fried Chinese donuts!

Alright let’s get straight into the look and feel of the place. For starters, it takes a little adventure to get into the restaurant. It’s actually situated below Victoria Plaza. You’ll have to walk down some stairs and on the left you’ll see a green sign saying Victoria Noodle Restaurant. Keep walking past the seafood retailer to the very end there you have it.




The decor and atmosphere is very Hong Kong and red. You’ve got the all-popular TVB channel on the flat screen TVs, the entertainment magazines (for all those who follow HK Celebrities and the sorts), the wooden tables, the loud chatter, the confined spaces, and the feeling that this place has been here forever, and yet still constantly able to deliver such yummy food. P.S. my friends love to make funny faces, it’s hilarious!







Okay, food review time! Let’s start with the Special Fried Rice/ Thai Styled Fried Rice, for $10.80. Bong Jae said that he loved the taste and that the portion is large! I had this dish a few weeks ago, and for $10.80 it is quite a meal. Flavour-wise it is not too strong, and the colour of the fried rice is white. compared to fried rice from Malaysia or Singapore. (My family usually add in caramel/dark soy sauce to give the fried some colour).  Judging from Bong Jae’s face there, he looks pretty chummy with his rice :P.



Next up is the Szechuan Hot and Sour Noodle Soup for $11.50. This was Pauline’s dish, and it seems that it was very hot and sour indeed! She loved it anyway because she enjoys spicy food, and although that bowl looks big, she downed it all, pretty much :).



The third dish on review was the Curry Beef Rice, for $11.00. It has long been a favourite among the group (although I personally have not ordered it) and Michael really enjoyed it alot. The curry is not so much liquid curry, more so gravy curry, as it is mixed in with white rice. Definitely a must try if you a fan of curries! P.S Michael was trying to seduce the camera, did it work? Please let me know :P.



The fourth dish is the Chicken and Pork with Double Flavour. The flavours that are in this dish is a form of mushroom sauce and the other is a tomato-based sauce.  Judging by the presentation, the person who plated up obviously didn’t give a crap about the dish looking good. Taste-wise, William commented that it is really the best of both worlds where both sour and creamy meet, with succulent chicken on the side. This dish actually reminded me of lasagna just by the looks. The dish sounds promising!


The last dish was ordered both by Yui and I, which is the BBQ Pork XO Sauce Fried Rice Spaghetti priced $12.30 What a name eh! Oh and don’t get confused by the name ( I know it’s hard) as I initially thought that it meant Fried Rice+ Spaghetti. It actually means Fried+Rice Spaghetti! So therefore, this dish doesn’t have both rice and spaghetti, it just has spaghetti made of rice :) There, confusion cleared! I wouldn’t be surprised if Westerners have never ordered this dish.

Verdict: The dish was really nice! It had good texture, as the fresh spring onions and the bean sprouts were really crunchy. The noodle texture is similar to spaghetti, and the overall look and taste closely resembles a dish that my dad used to always cook, which is the Mouse Noodles, or 老鼠粉. It has many different names like Silver Needle Noodles, but we won’t get into those details here. It is expensive for a single noodle dish though and as much as I like it, it isn’t really worth the price and if I came here again, I’ll think twice about ordering this dish.




Summary Victoria Noodle Restaurant Review:

Great place for a bunch of good friends to chill, relax (aka chillax) and to eat food that taste good and also makes you full! You will love this place if you are from Hong Kong, as I’m sure memories will flood back.

Although there are lots of upsides, some drawbacks were that the place was lacking good service and food presentation. Paying a rather higher price than average, I expected slightly better. I had to repeatedly ask for our glasses to be filled with Chinese tea, and it was kind of strange where you are not given a pot of tea to self serve… Also, take note that there is no separate billing as well.

If you are tight on a budget, I probably wouldn’t recommend this Chinese restaurant in Chatswood. There are cheaper options such as East-West Gourmet in Mandarin Centre that you should go to. It’s on the same street, just nearer to the train station :). Thanks to my food eating buddies for joining in this trip, hopefully more to come!

P.S. If you have been here, did you like it? What did you eat? Please share us your thoughts through the comments!

Summary Ratings:

  • Decor/Atmosphere:  4 stars
  • Service: 3 stars
  • Food: 4.0 stars
  • Price: 2.5 stars

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Restaurant Details

Address: Shop A8, 369 Victoria Ave, Chatswood, Sydney 2067

Phone Number: (02) 9410 1822


Opening Times:

Monday to Sunday: 11.00am to 9.30pm

Reviewed by Cheech!

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